Bottle 30mL - Price : 187.60€



This unique cream is particularly effective on tired, lifeless and dull skin. A “New Age” anti-ageing solution, with its unique formula that boasts exceptional regenerating properties– revitalises and firms your complexion.
A combination of patented, natural, active ingredient, NB770-C, and Hyarulonic acid stimulates collagen synthesis and improves the skin’s moisture regulation. The anti-oxidising properties of vitamin E protect against enzymes responsible for damaging the skin which are linked to stress, tobacco, pollution and the party life. Hydrolyzed soy flour stimulates the elastin fibres and strengthens the skin’s molecular structure.
Action Focused Anti-Wrinkles Night Care accelerates cell reproduction while lending comfort, radiance and a toned complexion to your skin. Facial contours are redrawn and signs of ageing are visibly reduced right from the very first application.

Recommendations for use

Apply nightly to clean and toned skin (face and neck), alone or after Anti-Aging Day and Night Serum or Anti-Pigmentation Serum.


Do not apply to the eye contour or eyelids.