Bottle 30mL - Price : 227.70€



The Anti-Pigmentation Serum, with its unique and innovative formula, regulates the hyperpigmentation which is responsible for the appearance of brown blemishes and melasma, while combating ageing and the looseningof the skin.

Hyperpigmentation, a disorder caused by overproduction of melanin, is controlled by combining a highly concentrated amount of the patented, natural active anti-ageing ingredient NB770-D with the active complex of regulating ingredients which permanently lighten hyperpigmented brown blemishes on the skin.
White mulberry and hibiscus help prevent melanin biosynthesis and promote skin depigmentation. Betaine and hyaluronic acid have anti-ageing properties, they balance moisture levels in the skin and increase skin cell reproduction.

On application, Anti-Pigmentation Serum immediately smooths the skin and ensures a visibly smooth complexion.

Recomendations for use

Apply to all skin types, morning and/or evening, to the entire face, on clean and toned skin (face and neck), alone or before Multi-Action Anti-Wrinkles Day Care or Action Focused Anti-Wrinkles Night Care.


Do not apply to the eye contour or eyelids.