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The Slimming Serum effectively combats embedded oily clusters and firms your body’s silhouette. It reduces cellulite significantly and prevents it from reappearing.
The patented natural active anti-ageing ingredient NB770-D combined with Hydrolyzed Soy Flour strengthens the molecular structure of the dermis and improves skin firmness due to its wealth of extensin and polysaccharide glycoproteins. Your silhouette is reshaped and becomes firm once again.
When applied, this fluid and delicate gel has a long-term firming effect on the skin, allows collagen fibres to contract while ensuring comfort and invigorating freshness.

Recommendations for use

Slimming Serum should be applied each morning and/or evening to clean skin using circular upward movements on all affected skin areas.
For external use. Dries in 2 minutes and does not stick.
For optimum treatment, it is recommended to follow a balanced diet.